Who Wants A Spanking?

“All right ladies, who’s ready for a spanking?”


Cum On Her Face


Pussy-Waxing: Not For Sissies!

bush removal waxing pain torture ordeal

Pussy: Scalped!

he scalped her pubes with a toy tomahawk

Ouch that’s got to smart. And she’s going to need a merkin!

No Cash, No Grass

The taxi driver told her “Ass, cash, or grass — nobody rides for free.” And she was fresh out of cash and grass:


Via Kinky Delight.

How To Piss Off Your Cat

The cat is not happy about this!

naked woman squatting and peeing in cat box litter while cat stalks away angrily

Photographer is Abby Gennet according to this.

Somebody’s Getting A Spanking

dragged toward a stool for a public spanking by an angry man

Docking Port: Open

fucking time

Punishment For A Pottymouth

Dirty mouth? Clean it up!

Corn Dogs And Frozen Bananas

Ever wonder why festival food is always a long cylinder that comes on a stick? Well, wonder no longer!