Docking Port: Open

fucking time

Punishment For A Pottymouth

Dirty mouth? Clean it up!

Corn Dogs And Frozen Bananas

Ever wonder why festival food is always a long cylinder that comes on a stick? Well, wonder no longer!

Pussy Juice Sommelier

sniffing the scent smell odor of her pussy juice on his fingers

Artwork is by Dofantasy artist Montal.

Memories Of Summer Camp

Eight naked girls on a dock. Now everybody raise your hands, this is a raid!

Take Down That Flag

Confederate flags are being taken down wherever they are found. This is a good thing:

confederate flag panties have got to come down!

Fast Hard Fisting


Fifty Shades Of Grey: The Skills

Don’t know how to spank her like Christian Grey does? Sounds like you need a trip to Kink University’s spanking classes!

Prostate Milked Patient

One supposes there might be a medical justification for this hospital prostate milking. But if so, why is the nurse looking around nervously and not wearing any pants or panties?

Nude Wrestling: Winner And Loser