Stripping A Stripper

This is 1950s stripper Jenny Lee, with her dance outfit removed by modern digital tools:

jenny lee stripped by an ai tool

Via ErosBlog.

Military Intelligence

Ever wonder what goes on during all those “intelligence briefings”? Now you know:

army guys watching porn movies in their intelligence briefing

Via Kinky Delight.

Insert Coins For Blowjob

A hundred years ago, newspaper cartoonists and vice-presidents were in agreement that what this country needed was a good five-cent cigar. Today, there’s nothing wrong that a good fifty-cent blowjob wouldn’t fix:

automatic blowjob machine shaped like a woman with a coin slot in her forehead

Patriotic Pussy Tattoo

Patriotism, American-style:

patriotic American Flag pussy tattoo

The Whip-Guillotine

She’s already in the guillotine, the basket ready to catch her head.

Doesn’t it seem superfluous to give her executioner a whip?

whipped before execution

A Slap And A Kiss

First he slaps her, then he makes up to her with a kiss:

slapping a naked woman

kissing a naked woman after he smacked her

From Collana Della Falena #5.

Vampire, Well Caught

These two vampire hunters have made a catch, and before they stake her, they are enjoying her:

vampire hunter threesome

From Vampire Realm by Lady Heather.

Pins And Pain For A Sadist’s Toy

gagged and strapped down and crying as she's poked with needles and pins

Smart Momma

suck it good

Whipping And Dripping

A sadist enjoying her work:

naked woman whipping and masturbating