An Expensive Reading

“Let’s see… Your lechery line is connected to your fat wallet, your sensuality line (very thick!) is connected straight to your pecker, and you’re about to ask me for a private reading in my tent. How am I doing so far?”

topless palmistry reading from a gypsy fortune teller with big tits

Hungry Crabs… And A Rising Tide

Our heroine has made a bad enemy… and he plans to watch her die!

buried on the beach by an evil villain -- peril bondage


Mr. Saunders taught high school biology for thirty years. The frogs finally got their shit together and sent a Boss Frog to get some revenge for all those dissections:

giant frog dissects biology teacher mad scientist

Already Bored With Her Enema

This disastrous evening is the result of what proves to have been not her best moment ever on that dodgy dating site:

bored woman about to get an enema from the worst internet date ever

When Good Dommes Goes Bad

“Ghost on ME, will you?”

bloody femdom whipping

Earning Their Perv-Lynching Badge

Boy scouts! Don’t fuck with them, they’ll fuck back:

boy scouts earnestly hanging an old pervert

“Cold Shower, Bitch!”

Yesterday she started the laundry and the dishwasher while he was in the shower. Now he’s having his revenge. “Cold shower, bitch! How do you like it now?”

husband gets some cold shower bondage revenge on his bitchy wife

Photo is actually from a lesbian shower scene at Water Bondage.

A Whole Box Full Of Blowjobs

box full of blowjobs

The Anal Explorer Man In Black

a cleansing enema delivered by the anal explorer

man in black gapes her ass and liberates a couple of farts

It’s Extra Tangy

Yeah, no, maybe don’t have the chicken.