Earning Their Perv-Lynching Badge

Boy scouts! Don’t fuck with them, they’ll fuck back:

boy scouts earnestly hanging an old pervert

“Cold Shower, Bitch!”

Yesterday she started the laundry and the dishwasher while he was in the shower. Now he’s having his revenge. “Cold shower, bitch! How do you like it now?”

husband gets some cold shower bondage revenge on his bitchy wife

Photo is actually from a lesbian shower scene at Water Bondage.

A Whole Box Full Of Blowjobs

box full of blowjobs

The Anal Explorer Man In Black

a cleansing enema delivered by the anal explorer

man in black gapes her ass and liberates a couple of farts

It’s Extra Tangy

Yeah, no, maybe don’t have the chicken.

Who Wants A Spanking?

“All right ladies, who’s ready for a spanking?”


Cum On Her Face


Pussy-Waxing: Not For Sissies!

bush removal waxing pain torture ordeal

Pussy: Scalped!

he scalped her pubes with a toy tomahawk

Ouch that’s got to smart. And she’s going to need a merkin!

No Cash, No Grass

The taxi driver told her “Ass, cash, or grass — nobody rides for free.” And she was fresh out of cash and grass:


Via Kinky Delight.